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Summer 1 – What makes a person famous?

Blog Activity 24.4.15


We really hope you have enjoyed the start of our Big Question! We really liked all the effort you put into your outfits on Monday :)

For the blog activity this week can you answer this question – ‘If I was a famous, what would I be famous for?’ Have you invented something? or changed the world? etc.

We cannot wait to read your ideas :)

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On Monday 20th April we are having a famous person dress up day! Come dressed as your favourite famous person! Also bring with you a picture of the person you are dressed as for an exciting Art activity!

Your teacher will be dressed up too :)!!

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How do you stay healthy?


Next half term, in Science, we are looking at exercise and healthy eating.

Can you bring in or email a photo of yourself exercising for your class display!

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Monday 20th April – BQ dress up day!


On the first day back to school (Monday 20th April) we are going to kick off the Big Question with a dress up day.

As the Big Question is ‘What makes a person famous?’ we want you to come to school dressed as a favourite person.

You can choose anybody you like – ask an adult to help you decide!

Your teacher will be dressed up too :)!

Can you also make sure you bring a picture of your famous person in with you on the first day back, as we will be using it for an exciting Art activity!

We can’t wait to see who you choose :)

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Hurray! The blog is working!


Hi Year 2!

The blog is finally working again! Sorry for any confusion :)

Remember each class needs 50 blog posts by Monday to win a treat day on Thursday! COME ON 2LN we have some catching up to do!

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Check out our Home Learning!


photo photo1 photo2 photo3 photo4 photo5 photo6 photo7 photo8 photo9 photo10

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Kenta’s Galileo Home Learning


Galileo presentation blog

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2HB Home Learning


Facts about Nelson Mandela_Eve 2HB

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Famous People Portraits







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2CC had a FANTASTIC first day back at school dressing up as famous people.


Can you guess which famous people we are?


IMG_3514IMG_3504    IMG_3513


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Marissa and Dylan


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Nepal Link School




We are delighted to inform you of a new school linking project that we are setting up with a school in rural Nepal. The school is in the foothills of the Annapurna Mountains and is a school that one of our staff members, Miss Stillings, worked closely with for 2 years. The school is called Macchepuchhre school and is named after the mountain that it sits beneath. The children at Chorlton Park are currently creating a school photo book all about our school and local area that will be presented to the school in Nepal. We hope this is the start of a long friendship and many activities between the schools that allow the children to learn about lives very different to their own.


We are also currently running a raffle to raise money for our link school. One prize will be drawn per year group. The prizes will be traditional handicrafts made in The Annapurna conservation area in Nepal. Tickets are £1 each or £5 for 7. All raffle money must be given to the office or class teachers in an envelope with the child’s name and class written clearly on the front. The raffle money will be used to buy essential equipment, such as pencils, chalk and chalk board and text books for Macchepuchhre school. Please buy your raffle tickets by this Thursday!


Please contact Miss Stillings (Yr3) or Miss Kinglsey (Y5) if you would like to find out more!

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