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Spring 2 – Would the Great Fire of London happen today?

How do you stay healthy?


Next half term, in Science, we are looking at exercise and healthy eating.

Can you bring in or email a photo of yourself exercising for your class display!

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Monday 20th April – BQ dress up day!


On the first day back to school (Monday 20th April) we are going to kick off the Big Question with a dress up day.

As the Big Question is ‘What makes a person famous?’ we want you to come to school dressed as a favourite person.

You can choose anybody you like – ask an adult to help you decide!

Your teacher will be dressed up too :)!

Can you also make sure you bring a picture of your famous person in with you on the first day back, as we will be using it for an exciting Art activity!

We can’t wait to see who you choose :)

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Hurray! The blog is working!


Hi Year 2!

The blog is finally working again! Sorry for any confusion :)

Remember each class needs 50 blog posts by Monday to win a treat day on Thursday! COME ON 2LN we have some catching up to do!

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In PE this half term Year 2 have been learning Yoga poses.

Here are 2LN doing their favourite poses :)

2LN Yoga on PhotoPeach

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2LN make Snot!


For a Science this half term we made fake snot! We found it amazing that it was so difficult to push the spoon through the mixture but it dripped off just like snot!

2LN made fake snot! on PhotoPeach

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2LN Staircase House Museum


Year 2 had a fantastic time at the Staircase House Museum.

Take a look at the pictures – see us dressed up and taking part in art activities :)

2LN Staircase House Museum on PhotoPeach

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*NEW BQ* What makes a person famous?


Next half term the BQ is – ‘Whats makes a person famous?’

We will be looking at lots of exciting famous people but we would like to know what you want to find out about famous people?

Remember your question might get picked as a focus for a lesson :)

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We have been painting pictures of the Great Fire of London this week!


In 2CC we have been using a method called ‘pulling paint’ to create a super picture of the Great Fire of London. We then cut out silhouettes of Tudor houses to make a really cool picture. Take a look!






IMG_0996   IMG_0999

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How was your experience of the Solar Eclipse?


What did you see?

How did you feel?


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Can you write a riddle all about Fire?


Here is one we wrote earlier:

I am never cold

I happen all over the world but not as much as in 1666!

I keep people warm but can be dangerous.

You can toast marshmallows on me

What am I?

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