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Spring 2 : How do we know that Dinosaurs walked the earth?

5 Sentence Challenge


This time the prompt is a picture. Can you recognise the man in the picture? Tell us who this man is and why he is special. Remember to use your capital letters and full stops!


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What did YOU learn this week?



What do you know about dinosaurs?

The stegosaurus was a herbivore – True or False.  make sure you give a reason why!

Looking forward to hearing from you :)




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Five Sentence Challenge!


This time the prompt is a picture. As you can see there is a great deal going on in it. Look very carefully and decide what you are going to write about. Remember to use your capital letters and full stops!





Follow this link to find out more:

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Can you answer these questions? from Jack 2LT!


For Jack’s home learning this week he made a powerpoint about China. He asked 2LT these tricky questions and we thought that everyone in Year 2 might like to research the questions and post their answers below.

Why do Chinese coins have holes in the middle of them?
Why are flats so popular to live in?
Who built the great wall of China?
What is the most popular religion in China?
What is the name of the emperor of China?

Have you got any questions you want answering?

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Riddle by Alice, 2HB


I spin and wirl round ‘n’ round,

I make destruction and damage.

What am I?









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Easter Egg Competition


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Dinosaur extinction

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Why do you think Dinosaurs became extinct?



In our Big Question this week we have been researching about ‘why the dinosaurs became extinct’. So here is my question to you…Why do you think the dinosaurs became extinct?

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ICT dinosaur top trumps


in ICT we have been making top trump cards.

Can you write some sentaces about them?

Sam 2LT

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Riddles by Year 2


Year 2 have been writing excellent riddles this week – If you have a riddle to share that you have written write it below :)



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What is your favourite Dinosaur?

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What we have learnt about Dinosaurs so far by Amar and Evelyn…


We know that a meeteorit came down on erth and destroyed all of the food so avenchly all the dinours died out.Here is a few dinour names T- rex,Stegosaurus,Velociraptor,Triceratops,Pterodacyl,Plesiosaur,Iguanodon,Brachiosaurus,Apatosaurus.

S0me dinours can be carnivores and some can be herbivores.

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