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  1. Salma 2LNFebruary 14, 2015 at 7:15 pm #

    It happened in 1666 the night 2nd of September.The fire began in pudding lane and lasted for 4 days as citizen fought hard to save there families,homes, and animals.The fire began in a little shop owned by a personal baker of king Carles II.The baker simply forgot to tern off his over.When he came back, it was to late.Bakers name was..Thomas Farynor.It was a hot night and house were made out of wood,packet togheter.This made the fire spread quickly.People ran for there life’s as fast as they could.Escaping the fire wasen’t successful for everyone.London’s citizen’s tried to form firefighting bridges but weren’t able to do anything against such a fierce fire. The Lord Mayer missed his opportunity to stop the fire…He did not give the order to distroy homes and billdings ahead of the fire.The king issued gunpowder to distroy billdings on the path of the fire.. But even that couldent help.Duke of york finlly issued an order for the paper house in front of the fire to be distroyed..It worked!Tlhe fire was stopped!Althought.. the losses to the fire were insane..16 people,13,000 homes, 89 church’s were gone in just a few days.This amounted to almost 80% of London.

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