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2SE’s Peace Poem


Peace is when… This is a poem about when we are peaceful and relaxed. Peace is when I am on holiday reading my kindle, Peace is when I am playing basketball, Peace is when I am watching TV, Peace is when I am sitting on a sun lounger, Peace is when I am when I […]

This week


This week we have been writing letters to Mrs Habershon about our naughty dragons. We have asked for videos of our classrooms so that we can see what these dragons have been up to. Here is Dean’s letter from 2SE: Dear Ms Habershon, There is a mischievous dragon in 2SE and he is turning our […]

2CT’s Peace Poem


Peaceful in the garden, listening to the birds singing. Eating chocolate and watching TV with our feet up. A beautiful morning where you can sit down and relax. Come and imagine lots of exciting things. End your adventure at a park with good friends. by 2CT

Useful dates for Year Two


Here are some useful dates for this half term: Autumn 1: Friday 29th September – Trip to Hoghton Tower – normal school day and wearing school uniform Arrive at school for 8.30 Friday 20th October – last day of the half term Autumn 2: Tuesday 31st October – first day back of the term Friday […]

Dragon invasion!


This week Year Two have been invaded by naughty dragons! They have been up to lots of tricks including stealing Miss Seddon’s rose, throwing toilet roll around the classrooms, taking Miss Taylor’s magic wand and they put the whole of 2CT into red!! I wonder if they will still be with us next week…? What […]

Useful websites


Here are some useful websites for Year Two: – this websites has a variety of games to help with Maths and English. – this website has Maths, English and Science games. – different ways to tackle spellings – games and activities for across the curriculum – Maths games – […]

Spelling – Autumn 1


Here are our spellings for this half term: Week 1: they because floor find behind children only cold told everybody Week 2: say said says poor kind climb wild both gold clothes Week 3: there where friend love come some one today full house Week 4: pull hour many push once school put any break […]

Chorlton Park Book Bench


This summer, 58 book-shaped benches are on display across Manchester for you to enjoy. The BookBenches have been designed by local children and community groups, who were inspired by books and reading – including a Chorlton Park Primary School bench. The literacy trust website includes the trail where you can find all of the BookBenches […]