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Cupcake Day


Thursday 15th June is Cupcake Day to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. As a school we will be taking part and we are asking people to please help us raise as much as we can by baking or buying some cupcakes to donate. We appreciate your continued support. The Year Two Team

Year 2 PE


This week in PE the whole of Year 2 competed in some team sports. Everyone worked with children from other Year 2 classes and sportsmanship was very strong across the year group! What is your favourite sport and why?



Year Two have had an exciting delivery today… CHICK EGGS!! We have all been to visit our eggs today and we will be checking on them over the next few days waiting for them to hatch! Please check the blog for photo updates of our chicks! Share any chick facts that you know and try […]

Chinese New Year Manchester


We are very lucky in Manchester to have such a diverse culture. As a result there will be a parade for the Chinese New Year this Sunday the 29th January. If anyone attends please be sure to email pictures to the teachers and we will share these! Miss Seddon Orla in 2SE visited the parade. […]



Over the next couple of weeks we are going to be looking out for some super jokes that are related to Christmas or winter. Who can post the funniest Christmas or winter joke? Here is mine: What is the first thing elves learn in school? Answer: The ‘elf’-a-bet!! 🙂 Happy joking! Miss Seddon