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Our week

peek in our week feb 1

This week we have been creating waterproof materials. We did this by rubbing wax crayon onto material to create a waterproof layer. The water then sat on top of the material in a little bubble!! We have also written stories, looked at renaming and exchanging in maths and chose our favourite human and physical features […]

Spelling words for Autumn 2


Here are Autumn 2 spelling words: Week 3: gem giant magic general genius gentle tragic gym energy I won Week 4: jacket jar jog join adjust joke juggle enjoy sun son Week 5: space twice ice dice race circle price centre one only Week 6: knee knew knight knit knife knives knob knock knot Week […]

Special visitors

This week we have had some very special visitors. First we had Subz from Desert Republic. He came to talk to us about what it is like to work in Chorlton and why Chorlton is important to Desert Republic. We then had two local policemen who came in to talk about keeping Chorlton safe. This […]

Half term


The first half term is finished and we finished with a beautiful dragon poem, starting our subtraction methods and designing a dragon proof castle!! We have been very busy this half term but… what has been your favourite part and why?



Year 2 have dragon eggs! This week Year 2 received a delivery of dragon eggs with a letter telling us to decorate the eggs in the way we want the eggs to look. The letter also asked us to design where our dragons would live. We may have dragon babies on Monday! How did you […]

Hoghton Tower


We have been to visit a beautiful castle this week! We got to dress up and it was lots of fun! My favourite part was when we were looking through all of the old bedrooms looking and hearing what it used to be like when King James came to visit in….? Can you finish the […]