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Exploring materials

Today we had fun experimenting with different materials. We tried to make a bridge for our baby dragon using a variety of materials. We tried to make a bridge out of paper, plastic lego, wooden bricks, tin foil and cardboard. Which material do you think made the best bridge and why? What were the advantages and disadvantages […]

Letter from William Rex

Today in year 2 we found a letter. It was from William Rex asking us where he should build a castle. We decided that this must have been our class dragon and that we needed to write a letter to reply. We left our letter explaining where we think he should build his castle and […]

Y2 Recommended Reads

reading quote

Throughout the year we will update this post with books by popular children’s authors that you may enjoy sharing at home with your child. If you have enjoyed a book and think others might too please post the name of the book and author below 🙂