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Letter from William Rex

Today in year 2 we found a letter. It was from William Rex asking us where he should build a castle. We decided that this must have been our class dragon and that we needed to write a letter to reply. We left our letter explaining where we think he should build his castle and […]

Y2 Recommended Reads

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Throughout the year we will update this post with books by popular children’s authors that you may enjoy sharing at home with your child. If you have enjoyed a book and think others might too please post the name of the book and author below 🙂  

Home Learning Blog Task 2016-17


Each week you will find a blogging task on the Learning log.  You will find a weekly updated task within this post.  To complete simple post a comment below 🙂 Week 3 In Science we have been learning about Materials.  Can you name the materials each of these objects is made from?  Post your answers […]

September 2016 Maths websites and apps


Websites This website has a variety of games including multiplication, doubling, and halving games. This website allows children to make different numbers looking at their value. These websites are all tablet friendly games. Apps Math fight – for 2 players, first to find the answer wins. Yr 6 really love this one. Can […]