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Spring 2 – Would the Great Fire of London happen today?

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Road safety in Year 2


Today Year 2 went to learn about being safe on the road. We learned about crossing the road, about being safe, and about different types of traffic. We learned about road signs and about safe places to cross the road. Why not learn some more on this website with with Togo and Nogo? Here are […]

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Year 2 go for road safety training.


In the last week of term, Year 2 got to go out and learn about using the road safely. Some of us had lots of fun in the sunshine, and some of us got VERY wet, but we all enjoyed ourselves. What can you remember about your trip Year 2? Do you recognise the road […]

Togo & Nogo by Ramesh & Harry


  On the 25 of  March 2js  whached Togo & Nogo. We played dresing up games & watched 2  vidios  obout road safety. Tommorow we are going on a road safety trip. This website will teach you more about road safety. togo and nogo

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